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Based Out Of North Las Vegas

CEO/Founder Of Valentine Communications

Mrs. Valentine

Michelle Valentine Founded Valentine Communications with her Husband Melvin Valentine in 2014, with the purpose of building family legacy, bringing professionalism, accuracy & passion to the Big Cities & Urban Communities.The two were successful with their endeavors & quickly scaled their company in the Political & Government arena’s. Because of Valentine Communications’ high profile services, Mr. Valentine was offered a position working with Nevada Partners Stem Center Of Excellence, as The Stem Center Director. It was then Valentine Communications & The CEO position was given to Mrs. Valentine, for she was the best person for the position due to her previous role as Vice president of Valentine Communications. Mrs. Valentine stepped into her role with a mission & commitment to bring Valentine Communications from being just a service based to now adding a subscription service. 

Mrs. Valentine understood that our Global Economy was rapidly changing due to technology and she knew it was time to take her data analytics, insight & creativity in the direction of technology, unlocking growth that would be durable & transformative for Valentine Communications clients.  Mrs.Valentine guided by her mission & values that help her overstand the importance of innovation & the influence technology can have on scaling one’s business. 

Mrs. Valentine was led to quickly introduce a subscription software. The software allowed Mrs.Valentine to scale Valentine Communications & create yet another space with the company for Women in TECH. Valentine Communications is creating a global footprint merging their clients with a network that will bring scalable success for their businesses.

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